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Devin Madson

Between Dragons and Their Wrath

Between Dragons and Their Wrath

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Product Details

  • Signed & Numbered
  • Limited to 1000 copies
  • Foils on the front by Catrina Barquist
  • Stenciled edge by Catrina Barquist
  • Block Sprayed Top and Bottom
  • Royal Hardback
  • 1st/1st

Product Description


Three people in a shattered empire become entangled in a looming revolution in this sweeping epic fantasy full of dragons, alchemical magic, political scheming and forbidden romance.

Conquest built the Celes Basin. But when enemies once more threaten its borders, the Lord Reacher declares himself supreme ruler to enforce unity. Old angers erupt, threatening to tear the basin apart from within.

Tesha, a glassblower's apprentice, becomes a tribute bride as part of a desperate political plot. In the Reacher's court, she's perfectly placed to sabotage him, but her heart has other plans.

Naili is laundress to an eccentric alchemist, a job that has left her with strange new abilities that are slowly consuming her - and attracting the notice of the city's underground rulers. With time running out, she'll have to gain power by any means if she wants to survive, let alone change the world. 

And in the desolate Shield Mountains, sharp-shooting dragon rider Ashadi protects the basin from the monsters of the Sands beyond, but when an impossible shot pierces his dragon's glass scales, he becomes the hunted one. 

As chaos sweeps across the land, Tesha, Naili, and Ashadi must fight to survive political enemies, long-buried secrets, and monsters both within and without.
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