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Shauna Lawless

The Land Of The Living And The Dead

The Land Of The Living And The Dead

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With war on the horizon, everything is at stake in this scintillating new novel from Shauna Lawless, the next volume in the critically acclaimed GAEL SONG historical fantasy series.


Ireland, 1011 AD. The mortal kingdoms rise up against High King Brian Boru as they seek to wrest his crown from him. Yet the real struggle is between the two magical races of Ireland, the Fomorians and the Descendants, eternal enemies who both now seek dominion over the mortal world.

Gormflaith, queen of King Brian, remains unmasked as the powerful Fomorian she is. Gormflaith plans to establish control over Ireland and destroy the Descendants in one fell swoop... but she cannot do it alone.

The Descendants are divided, for not all their kind wish to dominate the mortals. Fódla, a Descendant who was once part of King Brian's inner circle, must use this division to thwart treacherous plots that have been long in the making – even if it means sacrificing herself. But with other lives on the line, can Fódla reveal the evil in time?

As secret schemes come to deadly fruition, the only possible outcome is war. Ireland has bled red and often, but the coming clash will change the course of history for ever.

Reviewers on Shauna Lawless' Gael Song series;

'Lawless blends fantasy with historical fiction to great effect.' SFX
'Lawless's writing is absolutely luminous.' Irish Independent
'Swept me along and refused to be put down.' H.M. Long

Gael Song Book 3

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