Fantasy Subscription Info

What is our 'Fantasy Subscription’?

Our Fantasy Subscription service runs a little differently from most that are currently on the market. Instead of producing a special edition of a new title every month, we concentrate on one favourite back-list series at a time.

We aim to keep the majority of the series' that we choose no bigger than a trilogy. This helps us to keep the titles fresh and allows us to bring about something new every few months.

We produce one special edition title in the selected series each month until the set is complete and then the next series begins the following month. We do feature the occasional stand-alone title.

There are two tiers to our subscription service:

  • Tier 1 costs £30 + postage and packaging per month.
  • Tier 2 costs £25 + postage and packaging per month.

Visually, both Tiers look the same! Both Tier 1 and Tier 2 books come with the same content such as custom edges, foils on boards etc.

The biggest difference between the two Tiers is that Tier 1 subscription books come signed and numbered out of 1,500 copies.

Tier 1 subscribers also enjoy a longer pre-sale period for any Dragon's Hoard (fantasy, horror, historical fiction) special editions we offer outside of the subscription.

General Questions

What kind of books are featured on this subscription?

Our fantasy subscription focuses on backlist adult fantasy series. Mainly older series that were never available in hardcover or had extremely limited hardcover print runs.

How often does the fantasy subscription bill?

Our fantasy subscription bills on the 1st of every month!

When do the books ship out?

Each subscription payment correlates to next month's delivery. For example, a March payment will ship out in April etc.

Do subscribers get access to Private Sales?

Private Sales are accessible by staff members only. Having an active subscription does not grant access to these titles.

Will subscription sets ever be available for general sale?

We often have leftover sets of each series. These typically go on sale several months after the series has been completed, at a set date and time.

How much do leftover sets cost?

Tier 1 leftover sets cost £120 + shipping fees and Tier 2 leftover sets cost £100 + shipping fees.

If I'm subscribed to both your subscriptions, can they ship out together?

Sadly this is not something we can offer at this point in time due to logistical reasons.

The two subscriptions will ship out at a different times within the specified months.

If I'm subscribed to both your subscriptions, do I get a discount at all?

Similarly, we cannot offer a discounted rate for anyone who has both subscriptions.

Waitlist Questions

How often are new invites sent out?

Invite periods take place between series, so roughly every 3 months. For example, if the last invite period took place in March, the next one will be in June.

Please be aware that we only send out new invites to fill in spaces that have emptied out during the most recently finished series.

How long is the wait for an invite?

Unfortunately it is difficult for us to estimate wait times for invites. There are too many variables involved.

Can I check my spot on the waitlist?

Yes! If you drop our customer service team an email, they can check your position on the waitlist.

We recommend checking your position every 3+ months.

How do I become Tier 1?

Due to high wait times for Tier 1 invites, it is no longer possible to join Tier 1 from the general fantasy sub waitlist.

You'll need to subscribe to Tier 2 then request to join the Tier 1 Upgrade waitlist. This form is only available to current Tier 2 subscribers.

How long is the wait for a Tier 1 Upgrade invite?

Unfortunately it is difficult for us to estimate wait times for invites. However, the wait for Tier 1 Upgrade invites tends to be much longer.

Can I check my spot on the Tier 1 Upgrade waitlist?

If you drop our customer service team an email, they can check your position on the Tier 1 Upgrade waitlist.

We recommend checking your position on this waitlist every 6-9+ months.

I've been offered a Tier 1 Upgrade. Can I choose my sub number?

Available numbers are allocated out randomly, to keep things fair.

Address Changes

How can I update my shipping address?

You will need to drop us an email.

Please be aware that customers cannot edit their addresses on past orders themselves. Changing the default address in your customer account will not update your subscription address.

Is there a deadline for changing addresses?

We recommend emailing in address changes as soon as possible. The customer service team will advise you accordingly.

If an address change request comes in too close to a dispatch date, we might not be able to amend the address.

Can I change my address for every series? If I want to gift or sell my set...

Unfortunately no. Under our new policy changes, one cannot change their shipping address for gifting or reselling purposes.

Skipping & Cancelling

Can I skip an invite?

You may skip up two invites! If you however skip a third invite, your entry will be removed from the waitlist and you'll need to rejoin it again.

To skip an invite, drop us an email!

How many series/books can I skip each year as a subscriber?

Each subscriber is allowed to skip one series per year - which is usually 3 books.

To skip a series, please drop our customer service team an email.

Skips reset every calendar year and do not carry over if unused.

I've been offered a Tier 1 Upgrade. Can I accept the invite even if I'm skipping the upcoming series?

Yes, you may! The invite should explain how to do this.

I'm a Tier 1 sub. Will skipping affect my number?

No, skipping a series will not affect your subscription number.

When can I cancel my subscription?

We recommend cancelling in-between series. If you wish to cancel during a series, this can be a bit more complicated.

If in doubt, drop us an email!

I've cancelled my sub, but would like to resubscribe. Is this possible?

If you've changed your mind within 2 weeks of cancelling, we might be able to reverse the cancellation.

We unfortunately cannot restart any subscriptions if a few months have passed since.