Q: What is the Broken Binding?

We are an online, independent bookstore that specializes in Science Fiction & Fantasy


Q: Where is the Broken Binding based?

We are based in the UK!



Q: I’m an independent/self-published author, how can I get my books listed on your website?

Please email info@thebrokenbinding.co.uk for any information and criteria.


Q: I’m a publisher and would like to get in touch, how might I reach you?

Please email drop us an email!


Q: Do you have a rep scheme?

Not at the moment, but it’s something we might consider in the future.


Q: I’m an artist/cover designer/editor/etc. and would be interested in working with you on future TBB Press projects, how might I reach you?

Please reach out to us via email.


Q: Do all orders ship from the UK?

Yes. We currently don’t have any overseas distributors just as of yet.


Q: What courier service do you use for shipping?

We ship all orders via Royal Mail. International orders are handed over to local postal services.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

Yes! If you find that your country isn’t available to ship when checking out, please drop us an email at info@thebrokenbinding.co.uk as we can add it for you.


Q: How is shipping calculated?

Shipping for our regular stock is calculated based off of weight, whilst shipping is charged per title/set for our special editions. This is due to the fact that they are packed and prepped for us by a third party fulfilment centre.



Q: Will I get a shipping confirmation once my order has shipped?

Yes! You will receive an email letting you know your order has been dispatched.



Q: How do I return my order?
Please get in touch with us at info@thebrokenbinding.co.uk and the customer service team will be happy to assist. If your order has not yet been dispatched then we should be able to get a refund processed for you before it leaves us. For returns, this differs on location and is something that our customer service team will be able to advise on further. 


Q: Help, my book arrived damaged. What can you do?

We have a Damaged Stock Policy, which you can find linked at the bottom, under the Other menu.



Q: My tracking number hasn’t updated in a while, should I be worried?

Sometimes tracking can take a few days to show further updates, longer in some cases, such as if the parcel is making a long journey across many seas and oceans.



Q: Can anyone purchase your special editions?

Yes! Our special editions are available to purchase from the Dragon’s Hoard and To The Stars sections.


Q: Do you take suggestions for special editions?

Of course! We often post polls, posts and such asking for favourite series, titles, underrated books, upcoming series… We are always listening! 



Q: Can anyone sign up for your subscription service?

Our monthly subscription service has a limited number of spaces, so unfortunately we cannot accept new subscribers at any point in time. Instead, we have a subscription waitlist you can find on the Subscriptions page!


Q: How does the waitlist work?

We can only send out new invites if spots on the subscription free up, by current subscribers leaving the service. This is not something that we can accurately predict, but we do usually have a good few spots open up in time for each invite period.


Q: What is the invite period? How often do you send out new invites?

Invite periods take place every three months, between series. This ensures no one joins the service mid-series, and everyone ends up with complete sets.


Q: How long will I be on the waitlist for?

This will depend on your position on the waitlist. We operate on a first come first served basis.


Q: How do I find out my position on the waitlist?

You can drop us an email and we can check your position for you! 


Q: Are there separate waitlists for the two tiers?

No, you are more likely to get an invite to tier 2 before getting invited to tier 1.


Q: I don’t want to be in Tier 2, can I stay on the waitlist and wait for a Tier 1 invite?

Yes. You may stay on the waitlist for tier 1 but this may take a bit longer to get an invite as tier 2 subscribers will have the priority. 



Q: How can I purchase subscription titles if I’m not a subscriber?

We often have leftover stock of our subscription series, which go on general sale as part of a Leftover Stock Sale eventually. During these sales, the general public is able to try their luck at securing themselves a set. Unfortunately as hinted by the sale name, quantities are very limited, so they tend to sell out fast.


Q: How do you end up with leftover sets?

Subscribers have one skip (each) per year, which allows them to skip over a series they are not interested in, already own, etc. Due to this, we always end up with some stock that we can offer to the public.



Q: As a Tier 2 subscriber, how can I become a Tier 1 subscriber?

We shall email invites out when there are spaces on tier 1.


Q: As a Tier 1 subscriber, how can I become a Tier 2 subscriber?

Please email us on info@thebrokenbinding.co.uk and we shall add you when there is space.


Q: I switched from Tier 1 to Tier 2, but now I want to go back to Tier 1. Can I get my original number back?

No, unfortunately we fill in all available numbers with new subscribers so we would not be able to guarantee a number.