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Raymond E. Feist

A Darkness Returns

A Darkness Returns

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  • Signed Endpaper
  • Royal Hardback
  • Digital Fore-Edge
  • Block Sprayed Top and Bottom
  • Foil On Boards - Front, Back and Spine
  • Head and Tail Bands

Product Description


From legendary author Raymond E. Feist, the first installment in an epic new series that will join his acclaimed Firemane Saga with his signature Riftwar Cycle in a riveting, conclusive adventure.

As worlds collide...

Hatushaly, last scion of the Firemane dynasty; his beloved Hava, and their dubious friend Donte have been transported across space and time from their war-torn world of Garn to the relative peace of Midkemia.

There, on Sorcerer’s Isle, under the guidance of the great magician Magnus and his reincarnated father Pug, Hatu will explore and expand his unique magical abilities: for if Garn is to be saved, they will be needed.

With the evil Pride Lords defeated, the Church of the One has risen to bring death and destruction to Hatu’s home world. The kingdom of Ilcomen has fallen, and now the Church is sending forces to Marquensas, where Daylon Dumarch has declared himself king, and master swordsmith Declan Smith finds himself suddenly raised to the status of prince and war commander.

But there are even greater menaces than the Church of the One waiting in the wings, beings from the Void, creatures born of Darkness...

The Dragonwar Saga Book 1

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