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Benedict Jacka

An Inheritance Of Magic

An Inheritance Of Magic

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  • Signed Edition
  • Numbered Edition
  • Limited To 500 Copies
  • Royal Hardback
  • Foil On Front Board
  • Ombre Edges
  • 1st/1st

Product Description

The super-rich control everything - including magic - in this thrilling and brilliant, contemporary fantasy from the author of the Alex Verus novels.

The wealthy seem to exist in a different, glittering world from the rest of us. Almost as if by... magic.

Stephen Oakwood is a young man on the edge of this hidden world. He has talent and potential, but turning that potential into magical power takes money, opportunity, and training. All Stephen has is a minimum wage job and a cat.

But when a chance encounter with a member of House Ashford gets him noticed by the wrong people, Stephen is thrown in the deep end. For centuries, the vast corporations and aristocratic Houses of the magical world have grown impossibly rich and influential by hoarding their knowledge. To survive, Stephen will have to take his talent and build it up into something greater - for only then can he beat them at their own game.

Stephen Oakwood Book 1

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