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Alex Gough

Caesar's General

Caesar's General

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  • Signed Edition
  • Numbered Edition
  • Limited To 350 Copies
  • Royal Hardback
  • Block Sprayed Edges
  • 1st/1st

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    Rome will never be the same again… The empire is at a crisis point. Caesar, Rome’s greatest general and conqueror of Gaul, now faces being stripped of his command and dragged back to Italy for prosecution by his enemies.

    His former ally, Pompey, has sided with his opponents in the Senate and frustrates all efforts to find peace.

    Caesar does the unthinkable. He crosses the Rubicon and marches his army into Italy to invade Rome, with Mark Antony at his side. The empire is thrown into civil war. Antony will either rise to the heights of power, or be executed as a traitor. The die has been cast.

    This is the greatest story of Roman history retold from Mark Antony’s perspective by a rising star of the genre. Perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden and Ben Kane.

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